Meet the Yishuv

The Community

P’nei Hever is made up of a diverse group of people.  There are olim and sabras, old and young, people who work in hi-tech and those that learn in Hevron and of course teach.  Each member of the community adds their own special spark to an ever growing and changing hillside. Learn more about the residents of Pnei Hever.

The Rav

Rav Haim Klein is more than just a community Rav, he is spiritual guide for many people in the Yishuv as well as those students in the Yeshiva High School where he teaches.  Known for his deep and thoughtful outlook on the parsha, he combines deep insight and knowledge on both character development and personal growth.  Learn more about Rav Haim Klein…

Special to the Community

P’nei Hever might be small, but it has some unique things going within it.  It boasts one of the top Yeshiva High Schools for the Religious Zionist world.  There is also the Midrasha which uses its beautiful campus to host groups from all around Israel for a Shabbat or even a longer stay in order to use the panoramic views of the Judean desert and the Dead Sea to energize themselves spiritually and physically.  Then there is also Holy Cacao, which is the only chocolate factory in Israel that produces chocolate bean to bar.

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