Residents of Pnei Hever

Whether you call is Pnei Hever or Maale Hever, community members come from many different backgrounds.  Below are just some of the dynamic residents of Pnei Hever:

Dovid Mark

Originally from upstate New York, David came to Israel seeking a spiritual connection to his roots after college. Dovid spent time in Ohr Somayach, Aish HaTorah, and finally Yeshivat HaMivtar where he received S’micha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. Dovid  and his wife Rosalie came to Maale Hever in 2007.  They have three children: Leah, Betzalel, and Itai.  Dovid works in Alon Shvut at 5Blocks an online reputation management company. He specializes in search engine optimization.  His industry blog is known as Search Engine Israel.

Rosalie Mark

Born in Seguin, Texas, Rosalie and her family grew up as some of the only Jews in in her town.  It was her connection to Israel through Young Judea that led her to not only come to Israel on Young Judea’s Year Course, but to move here as well.  She met her husband in 2002 in Jerusalem, while she was studying at Neve Yerushalyim.  Besides raising their three children Leah, Betzalel, and Itai, Rosalie is a certified Labor Coach and a professional Cake Decorator.

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