P’nei Hever: Building the Land in the Footsteps of our Fathers

Maale Hever | Pnei Hever TreesP’nei Hever פני חבר (also known as Maale Hever/מעלה חבר) was founded over 25 years ago in the Judean Hills, 10 minutes South of Hebron-Kiryat Arba.  It is widely believed by both Arab and Jewish populations in the area that P’nei Hever is the location where Abraham gazed out at Sodom. With breath taking panoramic views, one can witness biblical stories come to life.  On a clear day the Dead Sea is visible, along with Masada and the top of Ein Gedi.

From students and Torah scholars to Chocolate Makers and Hi-Tech workers, the residents of P’nei Hever are a diverse mixture tied together to the idea that settling the Land of Israel hinges on the Torah of Israel.

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