Yom Hatzmeut in Maale Hever

Flag DancersLast night Yom HaZikaron shifted into Yom Hatzmeut across Israel.  The occasion went from a somber atmosphere to a festive celebration of the State of Israel’s 63rd birthday.  In Maale Hever the even saw words of Torah from HaRav Klein to Torch lighting by Natanel Epstein, Oren Sharabi, Yosef Zander, David Mark, and David Zviel.  Fathers and children in Gan sang Chai together on the stage and there was a beautiful flag dance by the community’s girls from 1st to third grade.  Afterwards there was a festive Maariv and meal.

The next morning after tefillah the Yishuv went on a hike just outside Maale Hever to Givat Elazar.  The youth of course took the lead but everyone kept up and enjoyed the cool water at a water hole.  Farther on the group saw the crash site of Asaf Rimon’s plane.  After a few minutes and some tehilim, the hike continued and then wrapped around to another water hole where the younger children had fun getting wet.

The hike finished at midday giving everyone time to prepare for their festive meals.


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